New Work Shop

With the onset of the coronavirus, I have not been able to wood fire my work as the communal nature of the 24-hour firing is at odds with social distancing. I have returned to working with earthenware clays. Earthenware is the clay used universally around the world for traditional folk pottery. They are typically high in iron and need to be glazed to be impervious to liquids. Their porous nature in an unglazed state makes earthenware perfect for planters (plants don't like for their roots to be resting in water). For my planters to be used inside, you should use a glazed plate or saucer to protect the table or interior surface. All of the earthenware cups and vases are fully glazed so are impervious to liquids. They are all food safe (no lead), and are dishwasher and microwave safe. 

The plastic nature of the clay lends itself to a playful approach to the clay on the wheel and whimsical themes. My stoneware face jugs that I wood fired, have morphed into planters and rude cups. My vases are getting populated by the wildlife of my backyard (rabbits, squirrels, birds, and of course, Banjo, our dog). I have also found myself focused on the strange beauty of the coronavirus' shape and color. The Coronavirus Cups are also a fund raiser with $10 from each sale being donated to Inova Hospital's Emergency Preparedness Fund. In a strange way I find drinking from a cup decorated with the virus comforting during this uncertain and frightening time.