During this coronavirus pandemic, I've revised my shop so it is a virtual craft shop. In the past I've generally used this page for pots that have been juried into national shows (and some of them are still here, just scroll down), however, I am now listing pots that you would see at my booth at a craft show. The pictures vary with some of the pictures of the specific pot (e.g., face jugs) and others representing examples of pots rather than the specific pot (there is always some variations across different individual pots so if you would like to see a photo of a specific pot just email me and I can send it). When it is a representative photo it will be noted in the listing.

Two big changes: I am now offering free delivery to the DC/Northern Virginia area or curbside pick up at my house in Alexandria (just email me via the content link at this site to figure out the logistics). I will also ship within the United States, but there is an added fee. Some larger items (e.g., jumbo planters) are only available via delivery or pick up. The second change is that with the coronavirus restrictions my last wood firing was in February and it is unclear when I will next be firing next (the 24+ hour firings are community events, not consistent with social distancing). However, this restriction has opened an opportunity. I have returned to working with earthenware and found a real joy in this material that is the foundation of folk pottery across the world. You will see the planters and cups that come out of these explorations both below on this page and also on a special page labeled "Shop: New Work." 


Finally, I have some guest artists on this page. Every year I host a holiday sale at my home and studio where I invite a half dozen artists to display and sell their work. This has been a rough spring, and it looks like an equally rough summer and possibly fall for artists. I am displaying work from these friends and fellow artists that you can purchase, scroll down to see this work. I am also including links to their websites (Diana Papazian: PapazianJewelry.etsy.com and Maria Frescas: mariaswindows.com). Please visit and support them if you can. Maria's daughter, Victoria is making dog bandanas as a fund raiser for Best Buddies, scroll down and be sure have your canine be well attired (and help a worthy cause).

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